Nusa Penida – Unbelievable views to heaven (Part 1)

Where to find heaven? here’s the map —


Post spending about five days in Bali, in conversation with one of my local friends I made there, I discovered about the Island of Nusa Penida, which is the largest amongst the three Islands off the south eastern coast of Bali. Though the other two had been famous for their tourist attractions, Nusa Penida was comparatively less advanced in its tourist infrastructure.

I immediately planned my day at this Island. I was so hoed by the idea of visiting a virgin Island, and that sense of calm just alarmed me to be up by 6 in the morning. I was itching to uncover more of the traditional Balinese lifestyle. I was so whelmed by the people there, especially how they were so satisfied with their lives.

Though Nusa Penida is considered to be a part of Bali, but it feels worlds away from the hustle bustle of Kuta and Seminyak.

How to get there?

The first leg of our journey started from our villa in Seminyak to a harbour in Sanur. It was about 30 minutes of drive. The best part was a no traffic experience in Bali, after so long. The day I choose for Nusa Penida, the winds were strong, there was rain in the air and the waves were high. This wasn’t really an ideal day for visiting the Island, but my guts had no patience. Our boat literally jumped some feet above the sea after being rocked by the waves.

Angels’s Billabong and Broken beach

Roads to heaven were just like they should be – Trickyy!
though the night before I left for the Island, I very well researched about it, and I was kind of prepared to shrug my shoulders while driving from the harbour in Nusa Penida to our first destination, which was the Pasih Uug beach. Though the route was tricky, the destination was worth the work!

Upon reaching the beach, we headed towards the angel’s billabong. Just as the name says, it really was angelic. I had never seen anything that beautiful. As I walked closer, the rocks around me started to turn sharp and volcanic. Towards the edge was the infinity pool, endowing emerald green water, showered from the infinite crystal blue water beneath it.

As I sat there, I could witness a beautiful transition. The crystal clear water from the ocean upon hitting the rocks turned into froth, which upon reaching the natural infinity pool turned emerald green. It was scenic and soothing that nothing else would be able to burst your stress once this did.

As tempted as I was to dive into that pool, I was cautioned by the locals about the few of many accidents that have had happened there. Though I thought that the pool would be slimy upon walking, the seaweed just made the walk comforting. Leaving the place and heading to another was difficult, but I was equally excited to see the broken beach.

It was just a walk around this place, and took about 5 minutes for us to reach the broken beach. It is one of the most finest scene still fresh af in my memories. The winds were strong, and the walk around was breathtaking. The edge of the broken beach was such a calm place, i couldn’t spot even one human for miles, it was me, mom and dad, just perfect. It was just how heavens are in real!

After staying for a while there, as we started walking towards the car park, we spotted some dozens (literally dozen’s) of Jujube berries falling of the tree because of the winds. We picked some fresh, I just feel happy about that day.




P.S. On Si – Swimsuit – Forever21 , T-shirt – Zara, Shorts – H&M,  Bag – Neverfull MM Louis Vuitton

This isn’t all about the Island of Nusa Penida. There is so much that I explored there and I can’t wait to share all that adventure that this Island had in store for us! Stay tuned and let us know how you feel about this post in the comment’s section below!

Much love



Fruitful Regime Part 1

Ta had just announced her pregnancy. With the bounce of emotions, thoughts were clear as mud.


With that big frown on her face, she wondered will she be able to pull that 26′ waist jeans ever again?  Well That big smile on her lips spoke about something meticulous –  the miracle that was about to  happen inside her.

Although this period is over and done now, As of now Ta is a mother to her 8 month old baby boy, who’s managed to fit herself into waist 28′ jeans. Though there’s a labyrinthine airing due.

With the weight curtailing, the frequency of question’s that TA was been bombarded with, inflated. ” Did you really give birth to a kid?” whispered that aunt ” I think she eats nothing, or probably just air” spoke another one. Some thought it’s just my inheritance. Well no, its was a compilation of all the healthy habits I am made myself used to throughout the nine months of pregnancy and post delivery.

This post is for all those women who are struggling with post pregnancy weight. Answering all your curiosities about how to control your weight through pregnancy and still give birth to a healthy baby naturally. Today’s blog would all be about healthy eating during pregnancy, while taking care of all your body stretch marks and pigmentation, yet having a toned stomach after blowing it upto as big as 38″

So as soon as I got pregnant I was advised to eat a lot as now I was to sustain for two people . But I was very determined throughout to retain my fitness. So I made my own diet chart without compromising on any nutrition requirement for my baby.

First step of this process was to stretch my entire diet into small portions throughout the day. For my Gynecologist advised more protien, I was served Rasgulla’s. Apparently to reduce my sugar intake, I made sure I washed them before eating, just to ensure that I dont gulp any excess. I had 3 glasses of low skimmed milk  without any sugar .

Working out was my utmost priority, and  so  I immediately started with my prenatal yoga right from 2nd month . And kept myself very busy with my daily chores . During first few month my placenta was low so I was advised by the doctor to bed rest . But soon after the 5th month of pregnancy I was leading a normal life. To swear, I literally never sat down during this period. Walking was one of the safest exercise I could do, and hence I made full use of it. I would walk from one end of my room to another vigorously

Post the 7th month,  I was liberated to start practicing yoga in full swing. This benefited me in not only keeping myself fit, but also led to a normal delivery. I was so scared all this while, while imagining those stitches on my lower abdomen. I had firm mind set to deliver my baby normally. I meditated my heart and soul towards it. Well, where there is a will, there is a way. I must say.

With all this workout going on, I swore by the healthy diet. I opted for healthy pulses pancakes, multigrain vegetable sandwich. These not only kept my calorie count under control, but also made sure my baby got all the neccesary nutrition to grow. Ofcourse I treated myself with a few cheat days, Who doesn’t? 

7 months pregnant


Besides this, I used handmade moisturizer to keep my belly moisturized all the time. this helped me control the stretch marks.  Dry brushing is another technique which I practiced religiously throughout my body except the stomach area once in morning and once before sleeping. It helped keep my hands and legs toned and kept pigmentation completely away from me.

Post eight months of delivery. getting back into shape

Would be discussing my Post pregnancy regime in the upcoming blog. Stay tuned for Updates. And let us know your views in the comment section below.