History repeats, not reproduced!

Moving through years there are a lot of things that I have bought ahead with me, and there are various that just boggle my head.

I have two contrary thoughts or emotions about fashion in me that I connect with History.

Firstly I truly and strongly believe that history repeats itself. Well we have all been here, and witnessed all those fashion trends come back to us.
Dont you all have moments where by your mother’s instead of complimenting your fashion sense, dates them back to her golden days?

Well that’s the most common phenomena for the two of us, Ever that we started wearing all those maxi’s and midi’s, my mom get’s very nostalgic.

This year roundly has been the mark of this “history repeats itself”. Have seen silhouettes, necklines,  sleeves to Mary Janes. Everything made a comeback.

But my second thought is that according to the call of art,  what has passed away is never reproduced. I would consciously stay by this, Not just saying this for the sake of saying it, but because it’s evidently seen in the prevailing times.

It’s so amazing to see how the different events in history have influenced and changed the way people used to dress. Sadly we don’t have any events changing our ways of dressing today,  but the set of trends that are set for us every season. Thanks to the most popular trends (historic) on being classics for standing the tests of time and never going out of style. But what has happened is that we havent adopted the trends from their mere nature, we have churned them according to our “fashion” and not “events”.

Kimono’s have always been considered very fashionable in the Japanese culture through ages. It has been a highly important part of their tradition, worn in the form of their ceremonial dress. Who knew they would make a comeback and how in the current fashion scenario on a global scale.

So Basically my velvet kimono has come from the loungewear section at H&M. That’s one thing I absolutely love about being in the 21st century, that there are no boundaries or set rules.

Let me know what you think about these pictures! Xoxo





On Si : Kimono – H&M , Earrings – Amrapali , Shoes – Fizzy Goblet


Where we belong

Launching this blog was no sudden decision that we two made, it was one of those plans that we both had been looking upto for years. We are so glad that we could finally set it off. Together we never needed the third.

Despite being sisters, over the years we both got a little too much engaged in our lives to forget our long lived passion for style. Though the flame didn’t die, it just ignited out loud to be heard by all around us. Before launching the  blog, which we finally did, we penned down our thoughts time and again.

To our surprise, right before we thought to proceed with the plan, Samiksha (ta) surprised us with her pregnancy. Our lives just changed and the joy this tiny life brought to us was immense, and time just flew at  speed of lightning.  Months passed by, and there was no way we were able to execute our plan. We don’t remember the exact way, but it just happened to us and we took the firm decision to start it up. And here we are writing our third blog, while balancing our personal lives.

Over the time we have realised, that there really is nothing like lack of time. It is how we utilise our time and set our priorities. Ta is married with a kid, and is responsible for various things in her life, and the younger one (si), is building her label. But writing about the thing we love to talk about, and spend hours discussing had to be one on our to-do lists.

If any one spots the two of us alone, its probably when we are discussing fashion, and adding to our wish list. This is what we really love to do, and it is never too late to start something new! So guys stay with us in our journey that we are here to pave!

On Ta- Outfit- Sudhanshi Garg label, Jewellery – Parth jewellers, Ring – Amrapali , Footwear – Fizzy Goblet

On Si Outfit- Sudhanshi Garg Label, Jewellery – Custom made, designed by Samiksha Goyal , Footwear – Inc5