About us

Style by TASI

Samiksha Goyal | Sudhanshi Garg

Born of the same mother, with an unfortunate age gap, we manage to look alike. We share the passion for style and love for dress up. Style by Tasi is our little doorway together to explore the unmapped nuances of the fashion circuit. Weaker at unwearable, we master the art of dressing up. .

The twosome sisters, younger following the elder are madly in love with “fashion” and each other, confused with being twins at least twice a day, we bring to you our Personal Style blog.

We truly believe that if one learns to dress their inner body, outer with a little help will result into something extraordinary.

We go by Samiksha Goyal and Sudhanshi Garg.

For collaborations and other queries you can get in touch at enquiries@stylebytasi.com